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Super Neptunia RPG [R2][Eng]  
รหัส : PS4-073
ยี่ห้อ : Ide Factory
ราคาปกติ :  1,690.00 บาท      
รายละเอียดทั้งหมด :


There was once a primitive form of entertainment software that ruled the world: 2D games.

In one of infinite dimensions, the world of Gamindustri exists...
a world where 2D games reign supreme.

An organization fiercely devoted to these games rules over this vibrant world.
They are known as Bombyx Mori and their devotion comes with a heavy price.

Citizens of Gamindustri are forced to offer 2D games to Bombyx Mori as taxes.
Those who dare to use new technologies or create games that don’t meet
their standards risk being banished to the Trial Grounds.
It is in this Gamindustri, a dark world with no real future in sight, that a girl wakes from her sleep.

Her name is Neptune, and with a strange book in hand, she sets off on the journey of a Hero.

Explore Dungeons with Side-Scrolling Action

There are monsters roaming within the dungeons. When Neptune touches a monster, a battle will begin. If you can land a symbol attack on a monster, you can start the battle with a slight advantage! There are also treasure boxes hidden within dungeons from which you can obtain items.

Within dungeons, you are able to jump, double jump, and even summon a squishy, pudding-like monster that can help you reach new heights.


Intuition & Strategy Battles!

Switch your Formation on the fly and gain the upperhand!

You can fight with up to 4 party members. As time passes, your AP (Action Points) will accumulate, and each character can use AP in order to activate their Skills. It will be important to learn enemy weaknesses in order to gain the advantage in battle. If you damage enemies with the element they're weak to, your AP will recover as a bonus, and you can progress the battle smoothly.

ค่าส่งสินค้าต่อหน่วย :   50.00 บาท


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