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Sennheiser Momentum M2 In-Ear (iPhone) [506231]  
Sennheiser Momentum M2 In-Ear (iPhone)Sennheiser Momentum M2 In-Ear (iPhone)
รหัส : Headphone-015
ยี่ห้อ : Sennheiser
รุ่น : Momentum
ราคาปกติ :  3,690.00 บาท      
รายละเอียดย่อ :

For iPod/iPad/iPhone
รับประกัน 2 ปี

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Build and design

The Momentum range has a reputation for style and comfort and these in-ears continue the trend. They mix a modern look with a classy finish; the earpieces look striking in their deep-red colourway, complemented nicely by a two-tone headphone cable and in-line remote.

Small details like the Sennheiser logos and cable loops on each earpiece make the Momentum In-Ears stand out from the crowd at this level.


Even the in-line mic and remote has been designed to blend in with the rest of the package – the chunky, yet discreet, buttons don’t leave you fumbling around and the mic has you reading loud and clear.


There are two versions of the M2s: the M2 IEis are for iPhones, while the M2 IEGs are designed to work with Android devices.

The M2 IEis feature an in-line mic and remote for Apple smartphones, while a variant called the M2 IEG carries the relevant control/mic combination for Android mobiles (and shares the same sound quality). Fit is excellent and comfort levels are high – you get a choice of four different-sized eartips to help promote a good seal, which is easy to arrive at.

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